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Avoid These 10 Summer Romance #Fails

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Listen up, ladies. Summer is here (just ask your hair) and it’s time to lay back, let loose and let the ‘fun you’ out to play! Sure, you can plan a couple of lazy beach weekends with your #besties, but don’t let the months fly by without catching the eye of a summer hottie to hang around too. You’ve worked that yoga booty too hard all year not to have someone appreciate it. It’s time to give your never ending search for Mr. Right a muchneeded rest. Have fun with flirty Mr. Right-Now who’s looking your way this summer.

If you need permission to lean in to a fun summer fling, consider this the green light (you’re welcome). We’ve learned a lot from Taylor Swift, but if there’s one thing we hold on to it’s that when you get invested in a relationship too quickly, you may end up writing some super empowering Grammy winning songs… but, you know, you get really sad first.

Let Taylor be your guide for how to avoid a summer romance #fail. We can’t all channel our heartbreak into hit songs, but we sure do love ‘shaking it off’ to hers.

1: Confidence is Key

First step, get on board with this whole summer fling thing. We’ll wait. Up to speed now? Good, cause there’s no time to waste with insecurity. When on the prowl for your summer boo remember to just be YOU.

If you pretend to be into something you’re not, all summer long you’ll be super uncomfortable. And we know you hate fakersso why waste your time!? Confidence is a look that never goes out of Style. So, chin up, buttercup, youre this summer’s It Girl. It’s time to own it.

2: Lower the Bar

When looking for summer lovin’ keep your head out of it the game. Don’t go sizing up every guy at the bar, wondering how they’d look at your grandma’s kitchen table at Sunday dinner.

Instead, get your flirt on and focus on having a little fun. Don’t shy away from eye contact when you’re on the prowl. Flash your killer smile and let the guys know you’re interested. Trust us, they’ll come to you. And then stand back, because that’s when Sparks Fly.

3: Easy Listening

A little conversation goes a long way when you want to know if he’s worth your time. No need to discuss your personal definitions of world peace, just see if you have anything in common. You’ve gotta make sure there isn’t a Blank Space between that adorable pair of ears.

He may not have to meet Grandma anytime soon but we know you need witty banter to keep your interest. If you’re struggling for conversation then you’re going to get bored fast, and this is the summer to keep things exciting. All in all, if he makes you laugh (and blush) we’d consider him a keeper.

4: Be Available – Literally

Red Dress Boutique Swimwear

Ok, so you found the beau you’re sweet on. Excellent. But you’re not Out of the Woods just yet. One magical night together does not a summer fling make. Keep the momentum moving; make sure youve got enough free time in your schedule to let him for him to surprise you with spontaneous meet-ups or last minute dates.

When Mr. Right Now texts asking you to drop everything and go water skiing, you want to be able to say yes to the swimsuit (and life jacket – cause for real, how often do you really go water skiing?). Do yourself a favor and keep your calendar open so you don’t feel guilty about bailing on the flea market with Mom or Sunday brunch with your girls.

Summer is for vacationssometimes that means your social life needs one too. It’s hard work getting invited to every wedding/boozy brunch/open mic-night/picnic in the park/potluck bbq/outdoor concert series/etc/etc. A few feelings might get hurt at first but everyone will understand when they see your adorable Instagrams of the mystery guy who’s been stealing all your time.

5: Spice it Up

Chances are you’re not in the middle of a steamy romance every summer (unless you’re Taylor, of course). When you get to be one of the lucky ones who put romance novels to shame (or Hallmark Channel movies TBH) then you better live it up and enjoy every last minute.

Try stepping out of your comfort zone every once in awhile. Do something crazyat least by your standards. A little on the shy side? Shake It Off and take the stage at karaoke in the hottest little tassel dress. Show your man your wild side and suggest a daring adventure to share together like skydiving or rock climbing.

We all know summer doesn’t last forever. What are the chances this romance will? Make the most of it and leave him with a memory he won’t forget.

6: Mind your Texting

We know you’re thinking about him in a 24/7 kind of way. It’s ok, we won’t tell – but we will tell you how to make sure you’re on his mind all the time too. Above all else, play it cool. It’s an age old trick the male species has been perfecting for centuries and one of the few things women aren’t better at.

It’s ok to check in every once in a while so he knows you’re thinking of him. But save all those gifs and memes about how much you’re dreading Mondays for your gal pals. Keep the random texts and snaps to a minimum or he might think you’re getting too attached. It’s ok if you are, but you don’t want him to feel like you’ve branded him asMine!”

7: No Judgments Here

When youre together, keep the ‘honeymoon phase’ alive. We know All Too Well the best part of any new relationship is the excited butterflies at the start. Those sugary-sweet sentiments help you overlook the flaws sure to drive you nuts as you invest more in the relationship.

Do your best not to pass judgment on your partner in crime. Chances are he’s already aware of whatever you’d point out and – unless you’re willing to put in the relationship-level-work to help him fix it – no need to stir the pot (that’s his mom’s job).

Girl wearing beach coverup hugging boyfriend while holding sparklers

8: Give Him Something To Remember You By

Leaving your guy with a memento is a nice way to show him your time together felt special. Just exercise caution when choosing your little “forget me not”. Anything too personal could come across as creepy (i.e. locks of your hair. Just don’t).

Stay away from gifts costing big bucks or run the risk of making his manhood feel threatened (that whole hunter and gatherer thing, you know). Keep the gift sentimental, like a pic of you two in a classic silver frame. Or give him something he’ll actually use, like a BBQ sauce set. Whatever gift you choose, make sure to deliver it with a kiss! You’ll be guaranteed a spot in his Wildest Dreams.

9: Keep it Flirty

Red Dress Boutique Cute Plaid Top

In this Story of Us youre the heroine, so put your best self forward. Don’t bog him down with your deepest, darkest fears. A summer fling is for showing off the fun, smart and sexy goddess who takes charge of what she wants (or fakes it until she makes it).

Dress as good as you feel around your man. Go ahead and show a little skin in an off the shoulder top or one of our flirtiest sundresses, something to make you feel like the vixen he knows you are. Embrace it, girlie. Youre the leading lady in this story. Don’t be afraid to dress the part.  

10: No Bad Blood

When it’s time to say goodbye to the man who’s kept you company all summer, take care not to turn your sexy fling into a big regret. Remember he has feelings too (gasp!) and there’s a good chance he may be – or already has – fallen for the temptress that is you.

If you just don’t have the same feelings that bubbled up at the start of summer, Girl woman up and tell him the truth. Nobody likes a breakup, but everyone deserves dignity when going through it. No 25 second breakup calls here (shame on you, Joe Jonas). You and your summer lover may not be Forever and Always, but you had this summer. And that was definitely something to remember.

To Be Continued… Maybe?

If you just can’t stand the thought of ending it and things are still going strong, girl, it’s time to face facts. You’ve got a Love Story on your hands. Take a chance and broach the subject with your may-be-boyfriend to see if you two can make it work in the real world. If he feels the same way then go ahead and make that leap to definitely-your-boyfriend and girlfriend. And then warn him about having to meet Grandma.


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