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If you’re anything like me, you may tend to neglect one crucial area of your summer wardrobe, the beachwear area. I like to spend most of my wardrobe budget on pieces that will be used a lot, i.e. jeans, shoes, and casual/everyday wear. That seems like the smart move, however, it does lead to gapsĀ in certain areas. I often go through my closet and get frustrated that I don’t have enough things that aren’t black, sandals, or loose fitting dresses and tops that can be thrown on over a swimsuit and still look cute. Since I’m planning a quick beach trip for next weekend, I’ve decided to fix this problem area. Instead of wearing my gym shorts and converse (since my dog ate my ONLY pair of sandals), I’ve decided that I’m going to actually be cute. Here’s some things I’ve picked out to wear on the beach as well as things to wear while doing beach activities!





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