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Easy Like Saturday Morning

I know, I know.  As far as mornings go, we usually think of Sunday as being the “easy” one.  Reminiscing about Sunday mornings, I can practically hear the pitter patter of rain against my windowsill, feel the warmth of a big down duvet, and smell cinnamon rolls baking in the oven.  When Lionel Richie described Sunday mornings as easy, he hit the nail on the head- when they’re good they are so good, and a Sunday morning spent easily is undeniably therapeutic.  What do you do, though, when for some reason you don’t have the hours between 9AM and 2 PM free on your Sunday morning to be unapologetically lazy and eat a delightfully gooey cinnamon roll for each episode of Gossip Girl you watch??  What if you actually have…. obligations (gasp) to tend to?!  That’s when you have to evaluate your life and check your Saturday itinerary.  Saturdays, although usually reserved for outdoor activities, birthday dinners, shopping, mini road trips, farmer’s markets, etc., etc., in the right circumstances can assume a similar role as the famously “easy” Sunday morning.  The fate of your Saturday morning lies in your hands, and with the right clothes… yes clothes… you can turn your Saturday morning, or any morning for that matter, into an Easy Sunday Morning.

Raise your hand if you have ever envied how comfortable every single garment made for babies is.  Yeah, me too.  Where is that super soft fabric when it comes to manufacturing clothing for adults?  Although incredibly cozy garments are few and far between in my wardrobe, some of our new pieces are raising the bar when it comes to comfort standards, and it is these cardigans, jumpers, dresses, and tops that you are going to need to make every morning easy like Sunday morning.





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