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Fit with Flair: Our Fave Athleisure Looks

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We live in a wonderful time. Technology is amazing, television has never been better (thank you Netflix), and we can wear leggings all the time without anyone batting an eye. But let’s be real, the leggings/yoga pants revolution is probably the most important thing to happen to women in the last 100 years or so. I mean yeah, we can vote now. But before, we had to wear slacks or jeans to the polls if we wanted to cover our legs. Now… it’s leggings all day baby!

Athleisure is amazing because you can walk around comfortably while still looking put-together. (You can work out in the clothes too, but that’s really just a side note.)

If you’re looking to add a little more athleisure to your life, you’ve come to the right place. We still rock our jeans from time to time, just to make sure we don’t overdo the “leisure” side of athleisure. But there’s a surprisingly wide range of looks you can sport (pun intended) straight from the gym to a lunch date.

A Relaxed Pullover Top

Red Dress Boutique Athleisure Top

A lot of athleisure looks focus on leggings, but that doesn’t mean you can’t throw on a cute top to complete the ensemble. What about this amazing light sweatshirt? Most athletic shirts come as a shapeless tee or a super tight tank. That’s fine for the gym, but sometimes you’d rather not show off your food baby after a trip to Chipotle.

This cozy pullover with its loose fit and faded looks trendy, but it’ll last for ages and works as a great layering piece for any season. You’ll be so comfy in this bad boy you won’t even feel bad for grabbing coffee with your girls instead of heading to the gym.

Patterned Leggings

We have endless options for leggings these days, it seems a shame to go with anything plain. What other time in history could a grown woman walk around in galaxy print pants bursting with color? Never! Let’s celebrate living in the amazing age of leggings by getting a fun pair.

These high waisted floral leggings will hold you in just a little, so you feel supported during all your activities. The sweet floral print will always bring a little sunshine to your day too! It might even give you a little motivation to go out for that morning run. Or if you’re us, it’s more like an early morning stroll…to the kitchen. Hey, coffee is a necessity first thing when you wake up! And a donut!

If that print is a bit too much, try our abstract black and tan patterned leggings. More fun than your regular black yoga legging, but neutral enough to go with any outfit. Plus, they hide coffee and donut stains pretty well.


No, you’re not a grown woman wearing sweatpants, you’re wearing joggers! And there’s definitely a difference. Our cute grey joggers can go with anything, while still giving you that comfortable yet put-together look.

There are certain days (perhaps during a specific time of the month) where you don’t feel the need to wear skin tight pants. Joggers to the rescue! You can still work out or run around town while giving your legs and waist room to breath.

A Jean Jacket

A nice, light jean jacket is a great way to compliment any athleisure look. They’re comfortable and never heavy, but give you an overall structure that elevates your ensemble from athleisure to ath-look-out. Okay, we know that won’t catch on but a cool jean jacket will definitely add a little funky flair to your comfy couture.


athleisure sneakers red dress boutique


The first rule of athleisure shoes? Comfort. That’s a no-brainer. But you don’t always need to wear sneaks fit to run a marathon. If you’re wearing a simple athletic ensemble, get adventurous with your shoes to keep your look stylish.

These black sparkle sneakers will give a little extra kick to your outfit and definitely make everyone jealous. We’re already jealous just imagining you rocking those sneaks. If glitter’s not in your game, no worries. Try our pink quilted slip ons. Who doesn’t love a pop of pink every once in awhile? If you’re less of a girly girl, wear them with a sleek all-black ensemble for max cool factor.

Make It Your Own

Just when you think athleisure can’t get any better, it does. Because there’s really no wrong way to style it. Wear what makes you feel confident and definitely don’t be afraid of color and fun. Now take a moment to thank your lucky stars we live in an age of leggings instead of starched, crinoline skirts. Thank you, athleisure. May you never go away.


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