Gaga for Green Juice

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There is a good reason green juice is so popular right now. It’s full of vitamins and antioxidants, it tastes amazing, and most importantly, it’s fashionable. Let’s be honest, a vibrantly colored health drink will not only make the hidden green in your blouse pop, but it will also make you look like you are a health mogul ready to werk.

The other night I opened my fridge to find a produce drawer full of almost too old produce (key word, of course, being almost). Annoyed at the idea of wasting the copious fruits and veggies, I convince myself to buy weekly, I decided to throw it all into a blender and press “juice.” I also pressed “pulse” and “grind” and “grade” because is there even a difference between all of the operations? If there is, you could have fooled me. Much to my surprise, it made quite the delicious and refreshing snack!

When I say that I literally tossed all of my produce into a blender and pressed a variety of buttons, I mean it! How easy is it to go to that juice place down the street and cringe as you buy a ten dollar drink in the name of being healthy? So easy! How easy is it to throw a drawer of produce into a blender, press buttons, and have a mini dance party while it is blending? Also very easy, but minus the guilt of buying a drink that costs more than a meal and plus a dance party. My juice included apples, celery, spinach, coconut water, and orange juice. You could experiment with kale, grapes, lemon, ginger, and almond milk. My neighbor might try eggplant, cucumbers, a radish, and tomatoes. The options reach as far as the depths of your produce drawer, and considering my neighbor has already lent me two eggs and some sugar, I assume his produce drawer could beautifully craft a juice worthy of a champion.

There are two things that you need to be weary of, however, when embarking upon your juicing journey. First of all, steer clear of jalapenos. I know that you think dropping a couple of hot peppers into your juice will spice it up (obviously pun intended) and even clear out your sinuses, but you are mistaken. Please use jalapenos sparingly. I recently over-zealously dropped two of these babies into my juice and regretted it as soon as my eyes started watering from the fumes. Actually drinking the juice is a whole, much more painful story (think animated character with smoke blowing out of their ears and you pretty much have me post-jalapeno juice.) Secondly, always check your teeth in a mirror after enjoying a glass of green juice. The very pulp that works to nourish you so completely unfortunately has ulterior motives when it decides to reside in between your front two teeth. Or your bottom two teeth. Or the corner of your mouth. Or dripping from your chin (hey I don’t know how you live your life or drink your juice, all I’m sayin’ is to check a mirror before that job interview you have been juicing up for.)

Happy Juicing!

Sarah Dotson



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