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Gigi Hadid Is Vacation Style Goals

If you’re anything like us, you live your dream life through Gigi Hadid’s Instagram. She always looks fantastic, travels to amazing locations, and still manages to seem super relatable. That kind of person logically shouldn’t exist, but somehow Gigi does it every day.

We know Gigi excels at most things she does, but her vacation style is seriously unparalleled. Nobody has the “I’m hardly trying but know I look amazing” look down quite like Hadid. And she does it without coming off as a mean girl! We want to be her friend just because she seems so nice… and the prospect of Gigi sharing her closet with us doesn’t hurt either.

We want to show you how she’s truly vacation style goals. Here are our Gigi Insta-favorites and a couple of similar looks for yourself.

Great for the Street or Beach

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Though we can’t quite tell if this is a romper or a dress, we think it’s awesome. This cool, easy dress(the jury has decided) could be worn at the boardwalk or on your way to work. It’s appropriate for either situation!

It’s great to see some vacation options with sleeves. Sometimes you just don’t feel like a spaghetti strapmaybe your shoulders saw a little too much sun or you’re sick of trying to hide your bra straps. This is a sleeved dress that’s still super cute and wearable.

Get a similar striped summer dress to snag a bit of Gigi’s style.

All Shapes Two Piece

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Gigi wears her fair share of revealing bikinis, but that’s not her only swimwear. This retro high waisted two piece is super cute and totally looks good on a person whose body isn’t quite Gigistatus. (AKA everyone else, ever.)

We certainly didn’t think Gigi would have many swimsuits we’d want to pull off, but this is something anyone could happily model at the beach. Though we probably won’t get mistaken for Hadid on our next vacation, we’ll be killing our vacation style just like Gigi.

Take a look at a similar style and see if the high waisted bikini works for you.

The Perfect Sunglasses

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Here, Gigi is basically wearing a sweatsuit. In reality, it’s track pants and a big sweatshirt and she still looks incredible. How does she manage it? One: she’s a model, so she looks good in everything. The real star of the outfit? The sunglasses!

Even Gigi wouldn’t look quite as fashionable sans sunglasses. The aviator-esque frames give this look the perfect relaxed vacation feel. Now the outfit looks comfortable on purpose instead of like you forgot to pack for your last day of vacay.

Get yourself a similar pair here, since every vacation deserves a stellar pair of shades.

Hat and Pants Perfect for the Beach

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Gigi looks effortlessly adorable in these striped linen pants and casual brimmed hat. The stripes give the pants a little structure, while the loose fit accommodates any vacationbased weight fluctuations.

Gigi obviously knows, having a good hat on vacation is key! You need to keep the sun out of your eyes, your face from getting sunburnt, and hide your “pool washed” hair. Try this affordable panama hat to go with any ensemble.

For the breezy pants, try these cute joggers you’ll want to wear on every beach vacation.

A Sassy Little Bikini

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It’s just not right to go on vacation without at least one fun bikini in your suitcase. The high waisted option works when you want to actually swim. But if you’re laying by the pool getting your tan on, no need to cover up so much. Gigi might show off a little more skin than you’d like that’s perfectly fine. It’s your vacation, wear what makes you happy! Show off the girls or keep them supported, you can look sexy either way.

Try this bikini with a mesh halter top for a fierce look with a little added coverage. For a string top similar to Hadid’s, try this super affordable option.

Distressed Denim Shorts

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Gigi is showing off a super relaxed look we love. You can tell she’s at ease, hanging out with her tight-knit fam and rocking these simple denim shorts. We love to see someone wearing shorts that don’t look like they could be underwear. There’s nothing wrong with booty shorts, but on vacation you might want bottoms with a little more coverage. If you’re headed on a hike or just climbing the stairs to your suite, short shorts might let the wrong moon come out, if you know what we mean!

Gigi’s distressed, almost bermuda length fitted shorts and cropped tee look so chill. We can tell she’s about to have fun, which is how all vacation clothes should feel. Find similar shorts here and pair with your favorite comfy tee.

Vacay Like Gigi

What’s most striking about Gigi Hadid? It’s hard to pick just one thing. We really love how Gigi always looks effortless, happy, and totally in touch with her own style. Even if her looks aren’t exactly your thing, her chill attitude is the perfect outlook for a vacay state of mind. Happy travels!


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