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How To Wear The Lace Trend IRL

Lace. A feminine classic that can go really wrong or really really right. You don’t want to end up looking like your grandma’s doily or as if you just picked up a saucy slip from the lingerie section. It’s all about finding a balance. How can one fabric look so pretty, matronly, and sexy?

Luckily, social media has tons of tips for how to pull off lace in real life. You’ll love these looks. Showing off lace at its best, these stylish social stars will help you avoid all possible pitfalls with this trendy fabric.

Layers of Lace

Ruffles and lace can definitely make you look feminine and mature. But they can also make you look like a young girl on her way to a daddy daughter dance. How does Jean Wang of Extra Petite avoid looking childish? This A-line dress uses large patterned lace to give a little life to the simple silhouette. The two-layered skirt doesn’t look bulky, but adds to the general shape and girlish feel of the dress.

What makes it work? The outfit is fitted but not too tight and the lace lays nice and flat. Find a similar look here, if you’d like to look like a dainty, lacy dream.

Casual White Lace

White lace is totally trending right now, but it can be tricky to pull off. We usually associate white and lace with brides so even a simple shift dress might make people ask where your groom ran off to. Luckily, casual white lace options help you capture the boho vibes rather than a bridal feel.

This short flowing dress with a crocheted top is comfortable and perfect for the summer. If you’re thinking of using a dress like this for your wedding, go right on ahead! We don’t want to stop anyone from picking out the casual wedding dress of their dreams. Whether a bride-to-be or still waiting for your Prince Charming, try this similar look to achieve white lace perfection.

Professional Lace

Lace doesn’t always have to look girly and precious. If the pattern is appropriate, you can easily wear it to work and look like a boss. This midi dress’ structured feel makes it a little more serious than your average lace ensemble. There’s still great movement and flow to the piece, but it’s not too sweet for the workplace.

If you’d like to try an abovetheknee style, here’s a similar dress. We just love this non-floral lace variety. It has a fun ‘60s feel without looking like a Mad Men cosplay costume.

Sheath Lace

Firstly, try to say sheath lace three times fast. Ha! We just invented a new tongue twister. (Okay, enough weirdness, let’s get to the clothes.)

A lace sheath creates a chic look with a bit of a feminine touch. The capped sleeves on this dress are adorable and an absolute life saver for anyone who hates strapless bras.

Get a similar sheath here. Wait, similar sheath? Another tongue twister! Okay, that’s the last one. Promise.

Sheer Lace

When you think sheer dress you don’t think classy, right? But sheer lace can actually look sophisticated with the right look. Here, this woman wears a sheer dress with floral embellishments over jeans and it looks awesome. The dress over jeans thing isn’t usually our jam, but the sheer element totally makes it work.

We know you’ve seen the sheer dress with underwear or a slip look on the red carpet a lot lately. That doesn’t mean you have to go out with your drawers on full display! Just wear your dress over a pencil skirt and camisole or choose a style with builtin coverage. This look is super similar and requires no unusual undergarments.

Lace in Your Closet

Lace has been around forever; there’s no way it’s going out of style any time soon. So, take some time to find the perfect lace look to add to your closet. Whether you like your style structured or full of loose, boho freedom, lace is the friend of every lady.


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