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It’s A White Haute Party!

You guys… it’s time for a party. And we’re not talking just any party, this is a white haute party! Only the most spectacular of occasions are those reserved for all white ensembles. We’ve got a round up for you of the places you’ll be needing your white looks and just what we think you should wear.


white peplum short sleeve topshort white lace dress








It’s time for an amazing bachelorette weekend… brides, we’re talking to you! You need at minimum three white looks for your weekend getaway with your besties. Something casual, for the ride (or flight) up. A couple of sassy white looks for when you head out on the town with your girls. And something brunch-appropriate for your mimosas-n-pancakes-filled Sunday morning. This is your weekend to let loose with your favorite ladies! Make sure to snap as many memorable pics as you can, this’ll be one for the books. 

Oh yeah…. and then there’s the engagement party, bridal shower, luncheon, rehearsal dinner. You know the drill. Better get shopping!



 elegant white lace halter maxi dress








Okay, so we know they’re not really obligations… this is your time to shine, girl! But it can feel pretty stressful having to find multiple white outfits for special occasions where you’re the star of the show. I mean, you’re already busy enough looking for the most important white dress of your life!

So when it comes to your showers, parties, and luncheons we want those white looks to be a no brainer. We’re thinking a bit of lace, maybe a gorgeous maxi dress thrown in there, and an elegant romper for when you really want to stand out. Think you can get on board? Good! You’ve got a million and one things to worry about during your engagement, we want picking out your outfits to be a fun, stress-free part of the process. You’ve got it girl, now do those bridal duties with style!


white lace halter romperwhite lace midi dress











Heading off to college and going through recruitment? You absolutely have to find that perfect white look for bid day. Do you even know how many pictures you’re going to take on bid day? Just guess…. And then add (at least) two zeros. You need to find a white romper that will wow or a classy white lace dress to impress your new sisters.

We know what you wear on bid day depends on which sorority ends up capturing your heart, so maybe that means a back-up outfit is in order? You’ll totally be able to wear your second choice to a date night or semi-formal… so you might as well!


white lace maxi dress

white and gold short sequin sparkle dress

white off shoulder jumpsuit









Think: a white party in the Hamptons (a la Diddy’s legendary white parties). These fancy affairs happen once in a blue moon which means there’s absolutely no skimping on your outfit! That white maxi you haven’t been able to wear to all the weddings you’ve gone to lately? This is its moment. This is YOUR moment!

If it’s a short-little-showstopper you’re after, this stunning white sequin dress will do just the trick. What about a more formal affair? If this is a work-meets-play event, an all white jumpsuit is the perfect classy-yet-sassy outfit. A white party is a once-in-a-lifetime invitation, so grab your girls (or your hot date) plan your outfits, and get ready for an unforgettable time. 

It’s nearing Labor Day… so the season to wear white is dwindling down! What kind of white parties are you going to before fall comes around? Let us know in the comments. 


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