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1.  So every girl needs a little man candy in her life, and we have stumbled upon the sweetest variety there is: Johannes Huebl.  Unfamiliar?  Perhaps you know his absolutely beautiful and stylish fashion icon of a wife, Olivia Palermo.  Yeah.  So a link we absolutely love is Johannes’s Instagram.  Trust us when we say that giving this gorgeous man a follow will not be a mistake.  If you like five o clock shadow, boating escapades, and fashionable men and women alike, you will screenshot every picture he instagrams and send it straight to your friend group’s GroupMe.


2.  Love wearing yellow?  Hate wearing yellow?  Love the idea of wearing yellow but you aren’t exactly a golden goddess?  Head over to Man Repeller and read this article that makes a case for embracing whatever pallor you represent and wearing yellow heedless of its (kind of) bad reputation.  And if you love this yellow look, head over to to gawk at Fendi’s whole resort 2016 collection.


3.  Health nuts unite in the name of zucchini pasta!! And now, I found an amazingly delicious garlic-lemon roasted tomato recipe that will leave you feeling satisfied and healthy when you’re done.  Give it a try, and let us know how it goes!

4.  Yesterday was full of surprises.  I made it until noon without coffee and bought a vest I wanted for approximately 70 percent off.  I think the biggest surprise, though, was learning that Tom Hanks starred in Carly Ray Jepson’s “I Really Like You” music video, and what an amazing surprise that was!  The fact that Carly could get Tom Hanks to lip sync her whole entire song made me respect her in a way I never knew I could.  From singing “Friday” to canoodling with Forrest Gump, I think I feel comfortable saying she has made some pretty huge strides in her career.  Congrats Carly, and congrats Tom on a stellar performance.


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