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Ode to The Perfect Summer Dress

On a sweet summer day, sunny and sweltering, social engagements naturally abound.  How is it that you will be able to make one outfit last from brunch with your girls to a night BBQ?  When a rainy day comes to wash the pollen off your black car (thx btw) and renders your plans to go to the pool useless, what could you possibly wear to run errands and catch a matinee?  And when in a truly testing time you begin to question your sartorial genius and the butterfly heels that you just bought, what dress will you wear to assuage your insecurity and strut into the world confidently?  The Perfect Summer Dress is what you will wear… that’s what.

The Perfect Summer Dress is a special garment- one that champions in versatility, making it the optimal piece for both a very casual engagement and a fancier event.  To be The Perfect Summer Dress, you must fulfill a couple of simple requirements:

  1. You must be a solid color.  White? Red? Periwinkle? Green?  It doesn’t matter, as long as you remain steadfast in your hue.  This allows for fluent accessory shifts and makes you a great canvas on which to develop whatever concept you wish.
  2. You need to fit perfectly.  This means that you need to be the perfect length, shape, and size, and you need to, without a doubt, make the wearer feel as if they are one million bucks.  Think of yourself as a professional self-esteem booster.  Holla.
  3. You need to be sleeveless.  It’s summer!  Sun-kissed shoulders are the perfect accessory for every look.
  4. (Optional) You may double as a beach cover up.  Seeing as this is optional, it is merely an additional benefit that The Perfect Summer Dress may provide.  It is not always required, but a particularly savvy shopper may recognize The Perfect Summer Dress as obviously multi-faceted, and they will find its myriad uses rather becoming.

Oh The Perfect Summer Dress!  You are a true testament to the resilience of a tried and true wardrobe staple.  From summer to summer, trends come and go, yet you remain.  Paired with sandals and stilettos, beach bags and gold clutches, you act as the perfect foundation of any summer outfit, and for this, we are forever thankful <3






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