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Patriotic Prep: Red, White and Blue Looks Worth Celebrating

two girls walking fourth of july

The 4th of July is easily one of our favorite holidays. You simply won’t find a better excuse for a party than the birthday of our nation. With parades, fireworks and pool parties all day long, it’s a pretty impressive celebration at that! Don’t let the sparklers outshine you this Fourth. Let us help you plan your perfect patriotic outfit for a day of fun, friends and BBQ with a little help from our cutest red, white and blue attire.

Grill and Chill

Nothing tastes better on the 4th than something grilled, juicy and oh-so-not-good-for-you. Say good riddance to that Paleo diet because today was made for carbo-loading. All the more reason to dress comfortably while mingling between servings of potato salad.

We suggest keeping things simple outfit-wise. A classic summer red gingham top adds just the right amount of flair with a precious front tie. Pair this pop of red with denim or white shorts and sandals to let the party know youre a downtoearth girl looking for a little family fun.

Catch A Parade

You may have had dreams of being a baton twirler when you were young but now you’re pretty OK with just watching the parade pass on by. You’re not a kid anymore but you sure know how to let that inner wild child out to play when the moment is right!

Get in touch with the good old days. Pack a bottle of rosé, grab some lawn chairs and camp out on that parade route in your fantastically fun (and beautiful) Sunrise Sunset Blue Print Jumpsuit. You’ll feel just as fancy as a parade floatwithout all the frills (but beware of strangers waiting expectantly for you to wave at them).

Splash Bash

girl red off shoulder one piece swimsuit red dress boutique  girl royal blue embroider dress red dress boutique

Set all your worries of real-world stresses afloat this Fourth of July with a low key (or crazy fun) pool party. Wear your most favorite swimwear (may we suggest our fab red one piece swimsuit) and leave your standing margarita order with the pool boy.

But, alas, you can’t float forever. That’s when you’re going to need a playfully sexy embroidered sundress to help make a splash. No need to dress it up, youre at a pool party after all, but a pair of fun tassel earrings will add just the a little bit of extra drama.

Yacht Life

If you’re lucky enough to know someone with a yacht, we’re pretty sure you also know how to dress for one. Enjoy watching the fireworks aboard the starboard bow in our classic off the shoulder white jumpsuit paired with sexy red heels.

Looking to invite a bit more romance from the skipper? An all white outfit is sure to stun. Try our darling off the shoulder dress or our stunning but simple white lace dress to get him to stand at attention. Not only are these all classy, beautiful outfits but evenings on a yacht can be chilly and those exposed shoulders are just the excuse he needs to offer you his jacket. Swoon!

Weekend to Wed
girl white floral romper red dress boutique

Holidays are prime real estate for long wedding weekends and the Fourth is no different. If you’re lucky enough to head to a wedding celebration during the most fun holiday of the year, prepare for a wedding weekend bonanza with a vast array of red, white and blue on display. You’ll be the must-talk-to guest at the rehearsal dinner or welcome party in our stylish floral romper. Sophisticated and occasion-appropriate, this look shows you’re there to have a good time but don’t (knowingly) plan on stealing the spotlight from the bride-to-be.

For the Big Day itself, consider this absolutely chic red jumpsuit to twirl your night away on the dance floor. And finally, there’s the morning-after brunch, when you say your goodbyes to the happy couple (and exchange numbers with all of the hot groomsmen). Look your best over toast and eggs in our fun white print dress and leave with your reputation as best-ever-wedding-guest intact.  

Concert in the Park

Opt for our comfortable and chic chambray romper and you’ll be set to dance, play ball or just relax the night away. Wear our stylish red suede flats for the full patriotic effect and don’t forget a lightweight jacket for those summer night breezes. Now all that’s left to do is have a good time. And we already know you’ve got that covered!


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