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Smoky Eye Swag

For years, I have been experimenting with eye makeup to learn what is the best smoky eye for me. After watching many tutorials, pinning a million looks, and many trial and error runs, I have finally perfected my formula. This look is super easy and involves colors that I am sure you all have floating around in your makeup bag, so I wanted to give a quick tutorial for those of you looking to find a pretty, versatile look. All you need for this look is:
1. A medium brown, matte colored base
2. Any shimmery gold eye shadow
3. A dark, preferably shimmer-based eye shadow
4. Black liquid eyeliner
5. Black mascara
6. Priming mascara (optional but OMG, as a girl with short invisible eyelashes, I cannot recommend this enough!)
7. Bronze colored pencil eyeliner

First, go ahead and apply your brown colored base to your lid and lightly under your bottom lash line. I use just an average eye shadow brush to apply this.

Next, I did the same with the gold eye shadow. I put it over the base, under the lower lash line, and accentuated it in the corner to brighten my eye. In order to get a more shimmery, less concentrated effect, I usually apply the gold with my finger!

Next, I pulled out the dark brown. I find the best way to apply it is to draw a straight line from the outside corner of my eye, diagonally in line with the end of my eyebrow, to a little above my crease. Then, you continue with the brown into your crease. I find that a skinnier angled- brush works best for this.

Now, you’ve made it to the home stretch! I apply black liquid eyeline on my top lid. If you like to rock a cat-eye, you could definitely go that route (sometimes I do!), or just keep it simple. I am currently obsessed with both Lancôme’s Artliner in “Noir.”

I am a huge fan of putting liner on my waterline, and I find a good way to soften up this look is to add a little bit of bronze eyerliner on your water line. It brightens your eye, but doesn’t weigh it down like a black liner might. Maybelline has a perfect eyeliner for this- their Define-A-Line liner in “Chesnut Brown”

Prime your lashes and mascara up! Currently wearing and loving Lancôme’s Hypnôse Drama in “Noir.”


This basic look is amazing because it is so easy to transition from day to night. It isnt too much or too dark for work or class, and by simply adding a bold lip (Maybelline’s “Fuchsia Flash” is divine) and touching up your mascara and liner, it can become a super pretty look for a party or a date. I wear this super easy routine every day, and I hope you find it to work well for you as well!

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