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Style Tip: Color Blocking







Perhaps one of my favorite styling techniques is color blocking! You might already have an idea of what it is from the photos above, but color blocking is pairing different bold colors to create a cohesive look. Your colorful spring wardrobe is the perfect collection to experiment with. Although you don’t have to choose bright colors, it’s way more fun!

For best results, pair contrasting colors that also compliment each other. My favorite two colors together: yellow and pink! Both are bright but stand out on their own as well when worn together. That’s a great friendship if I do say so myself.

Here’s a challenge for you: pull out your favorite spring staples and experiment on your own! A great tip is to find a bold patterned bag or shoe and bring out a few colors from it. The look is sure to feel cohesive and even more sure to make a statement. Pretty soon you’ll be a pro and you won’t need an accessory inspiration at all!


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