Trending Hair: Half-Up Top Knot


Half-up top knot.  Don’t worry, I am a little bit confused too.  That’s why I am taking this post to explore this look and its origins.  From what I can tell, Whitney Port was one of the first ladies to rock this hairstyle around approximately October 2013.  I am not sure what is so alluring about this look, but when I see girls (and man-bun men) rocking it, I pretty much assume that they woke up like that (#flawless.)  You know that look we all strive for?  The “I just threw up my hair and without any meticulosity it assumed this easy-going, day-three-hair” vibe.  That being said, I haven’t washed my hair in three days.

I feel like these days there is a whole niche for people who are good at looking disheveled.  It is all about how successful you are at looking like you didn’t try at all… and what I have found is that it is way harder to look effortless than it is to look polished.  Sometimes I spend a ton of time teasing and tousling my clean, controlled looking hair because I want to look like I just woke up.  That being said, it took me way longer to do my hair like this than it would have to put it in a precise, clean ballerina bun.  Whatever though because just wearing my hair like this makes me feel chill/cool/effortless.

So if you want the low down on how I did this bun- I really do recommend letting your hair get a little bit dirty.  If your hair is super clean, it is harder to get the controlled bumpy look.  I tried as effortlessly as possible to collect half of my hair up onto my head and tried to effortlessly put it in an effortless bun.  After about ten minutes, I came up with this.  Good luck!






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