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What To Wear When….

…It’s Over 90+ Degrees Out

We’ve all been in this situation. You wake up, go to your closet and decide that whatever you’re going to wear today is going to be super cute and fabulous. After all, looking good can make it easier for you to get out of the door in the morning. But then you realize it’s summer; you’re going to be walking to class or sitting your car that’s sure to feel like the Arabian Desert for a few minutes. Even just walking from your house to the car can cause you to sweat like a large man. Then your mind goes from searching for something cute, to something to keep you cool. Jeans, pants, and everything even a little restrictive or form fitting is now out of the question. Now, the dilemma is finding something cute, comfortable, and cool, which sounds impossible. So, after being stuck in this situation everyday for the past two weeks, I’ve come up with a few options.




When attempting to stay cool (and sweat free), I like to go for light colors, loose styles, and breathable fabrics. Also, I don’t like things sticking to my legs, so I usually go for a skirt, dress, or looser shorts. How do you stay cool and cute?

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