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You Look Really Pretty Today


“You look really pretty today”

I looked up from my phone as I walked down the street to catch a fleeting glimpse of the girl who made my day.  She looked really pretty too.  It is far too often that I think about how much I love someone’s shoes or outfit and keep the thought to myself.  In five words, a girl on the street had me smiling from ear to ear, and I think we forget how easy it can be to shine a little light on someone’s day!

The first thing I thought when I heard her compliment, though, was that she probably wasn’t talking to me.  As much as I admittedly loved my outfit, I had gone au natural this morning.  No makeup and my hair was in partially tangled dreadlocks… a state it inhabits after a couple of days of neglecting to run a brush through it.  I have always been pretty self-conscious about my bare face because I have light eyelashes and eyebrows, so her compliment took me off guard but also served as a really important reminder:  You look really pretty today.

It is so easy to get caught up in the war you are fighting against that pimple on your chin that by golly just won’t surrender or in comparing your unique, beautiful features to someone else’s also unique and beautiful, just different, features.  Don’t forget to embrace your beauty and remember that you look really pretty today… like really really pretty… pinky promise.




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